September 28, 2013


NOTE: This is only a small sample of the keynote speakers and industry experts in our extensive database. Contact us for more recommendations and information.


Bill RancicBILL RANCIC – Business Leader & Winner of Season One of “The Apprentice”.



Dr. CarsonDR. BEN CARSON – Pioneering Neurosurgeon.



Dambisa-MoyoDAMBISA MOYO – International Economist, Author of Global Bestseller ‘Dead Aid’.



Dan Burrus DAN BURRUS – Technology Futurist & Business Strategist.



JOHN C. MAXWELLJOHN C. MAXWELL – Leadership Expert & Christian Speaker.



smith-judyJUDY SMITH – Crisis Management Expert, Real Life Inspiration for the Hit TV Drama Scandal.



Marcus BuckinghamMARCUS BUCKINGHAM – Authority on Employee Productivity & Management.



Patrick DixonPATRICK DIXON – Futurist, Growth Strategist, Consultant & Entrepreneur.



PROF. ROLAND FRYERPROF. ROLAND FRYER – Professor of Economics at Harvard University.



RAY KURZWEILRAY KURZWEIL – Inventor, Entrepreneur, Futurist & the “Thomas Edison of Today”.



SIR KEN ROBINSON, PhDSIR KEN ROBINSON, PhD – Creativity Expert & International Advisor on Education.



ThreedoctorsTHE THREE DOCTORS – Extraordinary Models for Leadership & Success.



URSULA BURNSURSULA BURNS – CEO of Xerox & First Black Female CEO of a Fortune 500.



walter-bondWALTER BOND –  Accountability Expert & Former NBA Player.



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