August 12, 2014

The SGC Difference

At Strategic Global Concepts, we believe that everyone needs cost effective and efficient development solutions emulating Fortune 500 companies so as to be competitive in today’s marketplace and invaluable to their communities. We motivate and train professionals to help them become leaders and inspire them to develop their businesses and communities through our three areas of focus:

  • Corporate Services

The success of any business is dependent on the effectiveness of its organizational structure. At SGC we offer high quality services that foster corporate growth while delivering problem solving strategies.

  • Professional Development

SGC is able to improve business performance through our varied services. We offer seminars, conferences and corporate training services that help build businesses and develop employee skills.

  • Personal Growth

Our personal growth programs enable individuals to learn and embrace new ideologies to live life fully, in the present, and with the required knowledge to make sound financial, career and life choices.


Our Fortune 500 inspired services focus on:

  • Vision – Fortunate 500 companies have a clear vision as to what they are about and what they want to be. This vision is clearly communicated and used on a daily basis for decision-making. The vision is what creates the culture of success.
  • Empowerment – Employees are treated as partners committed to the growth of the business. Employees are expected to develop their skills and thus you find most organizations provide training and career development options to facilitate that growth.
  • Performance – Performance is measured and monitored to encourage advancement and success. Goals are continually set for all major areas for performance and measured for success.
  • Team Work – Team Work facilitates problem solving, positivity, creativity, synergy and productivity.
  • Customer Service – Customers and clients are the most important part of a business. Every employee and manager is tasked with providing the best customer experience and empowered to do whatever is necessary and possible to ensure this.
  • Quality – Fortune 500 companies pride themselves in producing quality goods and services. Quality is what distinguishes them as Fortune 500s. Lasting success depends in large part upon consistently providing quality service and producing quality products.
  • Communication – Communication is what connects the top management to the rest of the organization. Communication from all levels of the organization from top to bottom in any direction encourages the flow of ideas and change.
  • Ethics – It is a value that is essential to the continuity of any successful company.
  • Wellness – Fortune 500 companies are committed to the wellness of their employees, because they know that having a healthy workforce means more productivity. Many Fortune 500 companies offer wellness programs in the form of classes and seminars for personal growth.
  • Profit – Profitability is the main aim of any organization. It is what distinguishes success from failure and stimulates continued growth and expansion. It is the key indicator in any organization.

Through Strategic Global Concepts professional services, you can transform your organization, your business team, your life and your bottom line and become an innovator.

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